Shipping Mailers

Shipping Mailer Specs

  • Shipping bubble mailers are also available in biodegradable and photodegradable material
  • Personalized with printing, messaging and artwork
  • Manufactured with or without a bubble liner for added protection
  • Ideal for retailers that are shipping goods through their website
  • 3 stock sizes available for next-day shipping

Shipping Mailers by Multi Bag

Multi Bag shipping bubble mailers are quickly gaining steam for their cost savings over traditional shipping mailers. Many retailers, especially those selling online, are moving away from cardboard boxes and are opting for a lightweight, durable shipping mailer with an optional bubble lining. Even better, retail chains have learned that these bags can be filled and sealed in a fraction of the time it would take to pack, pad and tape a box; allowing them to reduce costs and prepare more orders per hour or day.

Mailers are produced from a water- and tear-resistant material and are sealed with a wide adhesive strip to maximize protection and virtually eliminate shipping damage.

Shipping Mailer Samples

Shipping Mailers In Any Colour

Mailers and shipping envelopes are custom manufactured in the colour of your choice. A unique packaging colour is a great way to promote brand awareness when used in tandem with your logo’s colour pallette. Multi Bag’s manufacturing facilities are able to dye plastic in virtually any colour we are provided with. Simply provide an RBG, CMYK or Pantone colour code and Multi Bag’s factories will produce an exact match.

Why use the same black or white shipping mailer your competitors would use? Ordinary colours blend in; your custom packaging solution should stand out!

Padding and Protecting Shipping Mailers

Padding and protecting your goods has never been easier. Shipping mailers can produced to accommodate an array of fragile or delicate goods. Simply customize your bag with a bubble lining to protect products from shipping and handling and ensure good are delivered in perfect condition. Further, bubble linings are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to provide a range of protective options.

Selling t-shirts or clothing? No problem. Mailers can also be manufactured without an interior bubble lining and protected by the standard puncture resistant plastic.

Shipping Mailers With Custom Enclosures and Seals

Multi Bag mailers can be produced with a variety of custom enclosures or seals. Wider adhesive strips, double adhesive strips and perforated seals are options many of our clients inquire about. The image on this page shows a custom resealable mailer designed for one of our clients. The perforations and additional adhesive strip allow your customers to use the same mailer for product returns by simply resealing it and returning it back to you!

Have a special enclosure or seal in mind? Work with our sales team to find a mailer design that best suits your products shipping requirements. Multi Bag will assess your needs and propose a custom enclosure/seal solution for your goods.

Handles & Materials

Rope handles- both cotton and nylon, die-cut and half-moon handles, twisted paper handles, soft loop handles, drawstring, nylon webbing handles, ribbons… so many handle options.

Paper bags- Recycled, post-consumer, kraft, art, woodfree. Plastic bags- polyethylene, high density, low density, recycled, post-consumer, biodegradable, photodegradable.

The choice is yours!


Multi Bag is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging choices by continuously reducing our environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of our shopping bags.
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Printing & Design

Custom made just for you! The style, shape, size, materials, handles, printing and graphics of our bags are all produced according to your specifications.

We can print any number of colours requested. One, two, three, four….as many as needed, up to fourteen. 4 colour process printing- your graphics and pictures will look exquisite. Quality colours and clean lines!

Browse our samples for ideas!

Warehousing & Distribution

At Multi Bag, we have decades of experience in warehousing, inventory, distribution and logistics management.

Our 75,000 square ft warehouse facility can satisfy your needs today and accommodate future requirements as your organization grows and your demands change.

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Global Retail & Wholesale Supplier

Retail Chain Stores, Boutiques, Garment Trade, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Governments (Municipal/Provincial/State), Universities.

Whether you have hundreds of retail outlets worldwide, a handful of local restaurants, 50 student dorms or a municipality with millions of residents, we have the production capacity and distribution expertise to manufacture and supply your organization with the bags you need.

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We are dedicated to providing environmentally-friendly and sustainable packaging choices by continuously reducing our environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of our shopping bags.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


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